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Discover how to stop premature ejaculation naturally

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Whoops. It looks like the page you requested is no longer here. You can find Mike's rundown on how any guy can learn to naturally prevent premature ejaculation here. Or take a more detailed look at how to last longer in bed, using the seven easy to learn steps taught in the Beyond Delay program.


The primary stages of making love is certainly the most important time to be able to make it through, for men that have a difficult time lasting Controlling your arousal will almost certainly get considerably more achievable after you've made it past this really important stage. That is why it is extremely crucial that you start out nice and slowly, to give yourself a significantly better opportunity to get more comfortable with the more intense arousal. One very good way to ease into it, is to commence with some prolonged, although light foreplay. As soon as the time comes for sexual intercourse, you will need to have a fighting chance to endure this heightened pleasure, so it's far better to start with subtle actions. Sustain this constant pace throughout these initial couple of mins until you begin to get confident and become accustomed to the stimulation. Now that you are on the flip side of that danger period, you can switch to a normal rate.