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Can Excessive Masturbation Cause Premature Ejaculation?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes and it looks like it is one of the main causes of the current increase in the percentage of young men with little ejaculatory control who are looking to learn how to last longer in bed.

But not all masturbation is bad...

In fact when done the right way it can be one of the key tools to help you develop a superior level of ejaculatory control.  You'll need some guidance and training for that but the point is that the problem here is not masturbation in itself but the manner in which  it is being performed by many men.

How Bad Masturbation Habits During Adolescence Premature Ejaculation

Many boys discover the wonder of masturbation in adolescence and during this stage will usually become quite enthusiastic about this form of self pleasure. Its during these years that many habits are formed within your sexual response system and attitude towards orgasm and your idea of sex.

What will often happen is that as an adolescent will often be forced to masturbate in secret to avoid being detected by parents or other family members. These has to effects that have been proposed as triggers for premature ejaculation difficulties later in life once they become sexually active.

Shame association

It has been argued that when an adolescent begins masturbating in secret, the act of hiding this habit sub-concisely reinforces the notion and believe that sex or anything to with it is a shameful act. It should be hidden, not spoken of and done in secret and as quickly as possible.

In more conservative and religious families this will often manifest to a greater degree with strong feelings of shame and guilt being experienced and related to the act of self pleasure. This is highlighted by the old warning boys used to get - "masturbation will make you go blind."  

It is argued by some that when these men reach the age where they become sexually active they carry over this believe and transpose it to their idea of sex with their partner. This causes them to be overly anxious about even the thought of sex, and when it comes to the real thing, their body automatically develops a hair-trigger, leading to premature ejaculation.

This is an interesting theory and I'm sure it may be an influencer for some guys. However I think in modern times it has probably decreased as a causative factor of premature ejaculation.

But the next reason why excessive masturbation can cause PE has definitely not.

An Over-focus on Orgasm

From the men I've worked with to help them beat premature ejaculation this has almost always been a factor. And for many this habit was formed when they first began masturbating.  At this stage most adolescent will masturbate with the single goal being to reach orgasm.

As they will often have limited privacy, and be a little on edge due to this (as discussed above) what they will do is try to reach orgasm as quickly as possible.
What they are doing, without even realizing it is training and programming their ejaculatory system to ejaculation as soon as possible. After all, until sex enters the picture, coming quickly has always been desirable and exactly what you have been training yourself to do.

There are two main issues here that we will discuss in more depth next. There is the physical programming of the ejaculatory system to develop a hair trigger, and there is the mental habits subconsciously cultivated that only focus on the end result of orgasm rather than the whole thing.

As we will see, when this mental habit transfers to actual sexual intercourse, the result is often an inability to last in bed and ongoing premature ejaculation.  

Note: At this stage you may be thinking. Yep, this sounds exactly like me. If you can relate to any of this and feel it may be at least partly the cause of your premature ejaculation, don't over worry. Because all of these habits can be re-programmed through a structured training routine. It will take a few weeks, but it can be done.  Ok, let's get back to it...
We have now covered the habits formed when young and how they can lead to deficient ejaculatory control. Next we will look at masturbatory habits for sexually active men and how they can cause and even worsen premature ejaculation.

Masturbatory habits and how they cause premature ejaculation

The childhood habits discussed above are important due to their tendency to lead to deeply ingrained sexual habits that we know are detrimental to ejaculation control. But the ongoing masturbation habits for adult men is playing a big part in the increases of premature ejaculation we are now seeing.

And there is one huge reason for this.


How Pornography Can Cause Or Worsen Premature Ejaulation

We now have access online to unlimited adult content. It is literally just the click of a mouse away and almost all men access it (even the ones who claim they don't). This overconsumption of porn often worsens a man's ability to last in bed in to significant ways.

It speeds up time to ejaculation

Basically when men masturbate watching adult videos they cum very quickly. When you do this over and over again (just as when younger) you are re-enforcing and training yourself to ejaculate prematurely when It comes to real sex.

This is a basic concept. Let's say you'd like sex to last at least 20 minutes each time. Unless you are taking at least that amount of time when masturbating then why would you expect a different result when it comes to real sex?

Switching of the porn will help you increase the length of time of each session and start to change your bodies learned hair-trigger.

There is a more significant reason why porn is causing premature ejaculation however, and that's the way that it teaches men to perceive women and sexual  relations.

Here's what Michael Castleman on *Psychology Today* has to say about it:

"Meanwhile, pornography has become the leading sex educator of men. And it does causes sexual harm. It teaches sex all wrong, deluding men about what good sex is. No wonder so many women complain that men are erotically clueless. Here's the deal, guys: Porn is almost entirely genital. Boy meets girl, and faster than dropping a zipper, they're deep into oral sex and intercourse. Porn-style all-genital sex puts tremendous pressure on the penis, which reacts by ejaculating quickly. Porn-style sex cements PE."

A key point made here is that porn is usually entirely genital. And it's this mindset during intercourse that is really going to sabotage your efforts to last longer in bed.

Surveys will often show that women much prefer are more sensual and whole body love making experience. Yes of curse this does also include the genitals. But it should be about a lot more than that as well. If your masturbation habits are not along the same lines, it's going to be really hard to perform when it comes to the real thing.

So if premature ejaculation is a real problem for you it's time to cut out the porn. If you can't cut it out completely (which you really should try to) make sure you cut back on it and increase the duration until ejaculation at least as long as you would like sex to go for.
So now that we have covered the problem with the way many men have and still do masturbate, it's time to look at how you can switch things up, and how you can start making masturbation a positive influence of your ejaculatory control.

Healthy Masturbation Habits

It's not hard to change from these negative masturbatory habits to some really positive ones but it is quite a switch up so will take some time to get used to and may also require some self discipline depending on how entrenched your former habits have become.

Learn to use your imagination

That's right. Switch of the porn and put away that nude pic and start using your most effective sexual organ - your mind

Focus on all your senses

Don't just micro focus in on the feelings and sensations of your genitals. Through mind and body, broaden your focus and start imagining and focusing on ALL the senses of sex. You'll find there's a whole lot of them once you take the time to notice them.

Go For Longer

Set yourself a minimum time and stick to it. If you feel yourself coming before that stop or slow down. This will build your self control, help you ability to read your bodies signals and start the process of reprogramming your ejaculatory system for longer sex.

The hidden benefit of this form of masturbation

When you first read the above advice it may seem like a bit of a drag. No porn, and no quickies. But once you try it a few times you're going to a major hidden benefit to this approach. When you masturbate for a longer period (this is true for sex too) much more pressure will build up. This is both a mental and physical process and the result is that when you do finally ejaculate after this extended time, your orgasm will be on a whole other level.

It will last for longer and be much, much stronger and intense. The same goes for ejaculation during intercourse. As is explained here, once you learn the skills to last longer in bed you will experience a dramatically superior level of orgasm that will be previously unknown to you.

How To Take Action

In you experience premature ejaculation you should start putting these new masturbatory habits into action right now. But understand that this is only one piece of the puzzle. Sure it may make a marginal improvement on its own, but you are not going to see the amazing results possible unless you focus on all the other areas of ejaculatory control simulation. As each of these new skills, techniques and mindset shift will make all the other component that much easier to improve.

That's what the Beyond Delay premature ejaculation course is all about. There is a whole section on how you should be masturbating with a lot more detail than is included on this page. Plus all the other ejaculation control techniques and solid road map about how you can put it all into place.