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Why Foreplay Help Prevent Premature Ejaculation

So you are a guy who has a hard time lasting in bed? Let me show you why foreplay is importiant and how it can help you overcome premature ejauclation

By far the most vital time for men troubled by premature climaxing is during those initial three minutes of intimacy. Managing your arousal will get a good deal simpler after you have made it past this initial really important period. Therefore up until you become comfortable with things, you really need to not go too strong. One good method of easing into it, is through a bit of extended, although delicate caressing. It's very important to go very gently when the actual love making gets going, as to have a better chance to handle the increased intensity. Keep this constant pace for the first two mins to the point where you start to calm down and become accustomed to the stimulation. Now that you're past that danger period, it's time to proceed to a normal pace.